Monday, May 19, 2014

Kaylee missed her nurses...

Last Wednesday Kaylee got another hospital visit.  She sometimes spits up out of her mouth and nose after eating.  When she does this, she stops breathing.  It's better than inhaling, but it's still not anything I want to happen.  Usually as soon as her airway is cleared she starts crying really loud and insistent.  

This time was different.  This time she took little breaths and only cried for less than a minute.  Her little lips and then face started to turn blue.  My MIL was there and called 911.  She was mostly recovered by the time the paramedics arrived, but just to be safe, we took an ambulance ride to the hospital.  During the entire drive she had oxygen, so she was much better when she got to the ER.

At the hospital they took blood and urine and did a spinal tap and took chest x-rays.  The spinal tap especially scared us.  I was able to hold her little hand throughout the process, though, so it made me feel a little better.

All of those fluids were taken to see if she had an infection and the x-rays were to check for pneumonia.  At 48 hours, everything came back negative, so she got to go home.

We have heard that the girls will outgrow these episodes, but that can't happen fast enough.  When your little one can't breathe, the world stops.  When there is nothing you can do, it's even harder.  But she is home now and we continue to be vigilant.  I hope this never happens again.

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