Thursday, October 24, 2013

Starting to think about showers...

Since my life is both in Michigan and in Ohio, we've decided to do two showers so that we don't inconvenience too many people by making them travel too far. My sister has even agreed to help me with both of them!

We think we may have some good ideas on venues, but since both of our first-choice options are residences, we've realized that we need to write a guest list first so we don't have too many people in a single space. That, of course, gets me to thinking about who I want to share this with and my list seems so long! I want to share my excitement and joy and love with the whole world!

Part of me wants to hurry this whole thing up because I want to know if I should be looking for pink things or blue things. The rest of me wants to take my time and enjoy this experience. The first time only happens once, right?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Slowly sharing...

This past weekend, I shared the news with my little sister.  She has always been my confidante and it has been SO hard not to say anything.  But, it also felt wrong to tell her in any way that wasn't face-to-face...

So this weekend, I wandered to Ohio for a "girls weekend" which included a "sisters breakfast" at the local diner.  After we ordered our usual breakfast, I handed her something.  She unwrapped it to find a picture frame with "I <3 my aunt" written across the top.

She looked a bit less surprised than I thought she would, but she had reasoned it out, to a point.  She figured that if D and I had gotten engaged, I would be telling the whole world!  This was the next thing she could think of that I would want very few people to know about.

Although, I still threw her for a loop when I explained that she had to help me make a collage of the ultrasound pictures, because I couldn't pick a favorite child.  She never saw the twins coming, but none of us did!  :)

But now I can gush to my sister and we can pick out adorable baby stuff (with D's help, of course!)  She is also helping me figure out some baby registry stuff at Target.  I've missed being able to tell my sister everything.  And now she has to keep the secret, too!  It's just as hard for her as it has been for me.  

Monday, October 14, 2013

First ultrasound done!

We did my first ultrasound on Saturday.  I haven't written here because it's been a whirlwind ever since!  I had to go to work right after the appointment and yesterday was errand day and I just didn't get to typing this all out.

Anyway, down to the juicy stuff... Our first ultrasound went just swell.  We got to see the babies and hear the heartbeats. 

Did you notice what I did there?

There were a couple plural words....



The shock is finally giving way to even more excitement.  I still smile when I think about them, of course, but now there are two!

Yesterday, Dale and I went to Babies"R" Us and wandered around to see what kind of things we will be needing (and how much it will all cost.)

I have to admit, the boy has done his homework.  He found out that twins would be just fine in the same crib and that it's even better to keep them together.  They are already so used to each other that if they were separated, it would cause more problems than solutions.

Anyway, now I have to go back to work.  Not that I'll be able to concentrate, but I still have to try. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm going to burst!

This whole waiting-until-Christmas-to-tell-everyone thing is killing me! I want to share my happiness with the world!
I just got invited to my cousin's baby shower. Maybe it won't be as hard as I think it's going to be. Maybe I will be able to start thinking about my own baby shower and I can be excited about her impending little one.
I hope I will be able to put a happy spin on this, and keep my secret, but it won't be easy.
Now for my excitement for the day... I get to meet my munchkin tomorrow morning at my first ultrasound! I can't wait!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

First doctor visit complete!

Well, we got through the first doctor's visit in one piece, though, I think they absconded with about a gallon of blood!
It was mostly an informational session with the added joy of a pap smear. Dale was with me and when the doctor went through all the info I'd need to know, he took some notes that I probably should have taken. I even remembered most of the questions I wanted to ask, too!
So far everything seems to be going well with me. I just have to continue watching what I eat and continuing to work on getting exercise.
We also scheduled the first ultrasound! This Saturday we get to see George for the first time and I can't wait!
I'm one happy momma right now. :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Already have to buy new clothing

I guess it's not exactly clothing, but thanks to George, I am up two sizes in my bra! Got measured at Victoria's Secret the other day and ended up having to get a new bra.

I probably should have gotten two, but I can't really afford more than one right now. When we were in line to check out, the girl in front of us asked if we had a coupon today. I told her no and she gave me a coupon for $10 off any bra! I was so excited to save a few dollars since I had to buy this one out of necessity and not just because I want it.

While we were there I found a multi-pack of perfumes. I'll probably use these as mini Christmas gifts for the girls this year. I love just putting a bunch of random small stuff together as a grab bag.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

One week from the first doctor visit

One week from today, D and I will be visiting the doctor and will probably get to see you!  I'm sure we won't be able to see much, as you are currently about the size of a blueberry, but that doesn't mean I'm not SO excited about the prospect.

I was having some trouble finding a doctor with this new insurance through the trucking company.  But I have worked it out and I think I did quite well, but time will tell. ;)

I just have to fill out the paperwork before we go and try not to get too excited just yet.  No promises, but we shall see.

No sugar before bedtime

Lately I have found that I can't have any sugar near bedtime.  None whatsoever.

What happens if I do have sugar?  My brain will work in interminable circles in dream land.  I will be stuck on one thing in my brain and can't switch channels.

The worst part about this is that with my current work schedule, I don't get home until around 10 pm, and I like to have a little ice cream or other sweet treat at the end of my workday.  It's my way of commending myself for making it through the day.

Now it seems that I just have to find another way to treat myself, since George doesn't like sugar before bedtime.