Saturday, June 14, 2014

Catching up...

Wow, I haven't posted in a long time!  Sorry about that.  These girls barely leave me any time to do anything.  So here's a quick rundown of what's been going on...

We've been doing a lot of doctor visits.  Nothing to worry about as it's pretty much all routine stuff.  Thankfully it is starting to slow down and the ladies have fewer appointments.  
The girls both showed low hemoglobin levels at one of their blood draws, so they are both on additional iron.  I think that's the worst thing to try to give them as they hate the taste and it can't be given in their formula because iron and milk counteract each other in the tummy.  The iron can't be given within an hour of formula or else it isn't as efficient.  This is especially difficult when both of the girls are pretty much at two hour intervals between feedings.
One trick that I have learned that really helps to administer this yucky-tasting stuff is to utilize their pacifier.  When the little one has a pacifier and is going to town on it, you can put some of the liquid vitamin in the corner of her mouth and she will just suck it down without much complaint.  I love the little tricks that I have learned from the nurses at the hospital!

The girls are sometimes sleeping longer at night.  Nothing too drastic, but it's progress!  When they do wake up after a longer-than-usual nap, they are starving, so I have to be ready with the bottle.  It's one of the disadvantages I've found with formula feeding.  When you have a starving baby, it is very hard to make up a bottle.  I'd much rather be able to put them to breast.  Alas, that doesn't work with these ladies.

We celebrated their first Mother's Day and are about to celebrate our first Father's Day!  I was so excited about Daddy's first Father's Day gift that I couldn't wait to give it to him.  It came in the mail today, so I just put a bow on it and gave it to him today.  I made up a photo book from Shutterfly with a coupon code I had.  It was amazing and he loved it!

But overall, I'm glad I'm unemployed at this point.  These little ones need so much attention that it would be almost counterproductive to have a job.  I'm still looking for something, of course, but it's a bit of a blessing in disguise to be able to stay home with the girls.  (Even if they drive me nuts some days.)

Overall, we are getting along well and making some positive progress!

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