Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Finally confirmed

This morning I was finally able to talk to MY doctor.  She confirmed that they are definitely planning on inducing exactly AT 34 weeks.  That is a week from today, on April 1st.

Yep.  We're looking at April Fool's babies!  Somehow that's rather fitting.  When I first realized the date they were planning to induce, I wasn't really happy about it.  One of my friends from high school was killed in a car accident on that day, and since then I haven't really 'celebrated' that day.  

Then I thought on it for a little while and realized that my friend, Sheena, was always the happiest, most upbeat, cheerful person in the world.  Her death made a dark spot on April Fools for me.  What better way to ensure that I didn't mourn her death, but rather celebrated her life on that day than having my little girls born on that day?  My little angels will always be a cheery reminder of the light that Sheena brought to this world and hopefully they will continue her legacy of embracing the pure joy of life.

I truly try to be a positive person.  I sometimes have to work at it, but it has gotten easier over the years.  Hopefully, these little girls help me to continue in that.  I know that it will be rough at times, but these little girls are pretty much exactly what I've wanted for as long as I remember.  I have always wanted a family and to be a mom, and I'm getting that with these ladies.

So the current plan is that I'll get something to 'ripen the cervix' next Monday, and they will begin the induction Tuesday morning.  I'm a bit scared and excited, but also happy and relieved to have an 'end' goal in sight.  What happens from there is yet to be seen, but I know that it will all work out somehow. I can't wait to meet these little ones!

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