Thursday, January 2, 2014

Oh, the excitement!

I am overjoyed at the amount of happiness and excitement that has been pouring in from family and friends for these little girls!  Seriously, this is so amazing.  

And even with all that has been going on, Dale and I got a whole day off work to spend together.  I was on call for work, but the interruptions were minor throughout the day.  We did get a lot of stuff done together.

We started out at the gun range.  With little girls on the way, it's best to practice your aim before you need to scare off any boyfriends.  ;)  We had a fun new target that was a game of Battleship!  We both were pretty horrible, but we both had our moments.  The important part right now is that we had fun.

We then did lunch at Red Lobster with another Christmas gift card and looked at movie times to find the best way to spend that gift card.  We settled on the new Thor movie later in the afternoon.  

Since there was such a time gap between lunch and the movie, we decided to go to Target to start our baby registry!  We spent a bunch of time there trying to figure out what we wanted to put on the list and fighting with the scanner to be able to add some clearance items.  Since we know a few people who work at Target and the clearance items were mostly clothes, I thought they might be able to check out these items before they are sold out.  

After all the fun of registering, we went to our movie.  It was a really good movie and we both enjoyed it.  Then we went home to hang out and snuggle to finish out our evening and ring in the new year.  We almost missed it!  I was confused over the fireworks outside when Dale exclaimed "Happy New Year!"  At least we made it!  

It was a great day!  I absolutely adored being able to spend a whole day with Dale and he loved being around the munchkins all day, too.  Thanks again for all of the love everyone!

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