Thursday, February 6, 2014

Glucose test

I went for my glucose test this week.  I'm glad I got the first appointment that they had for the day.  That place filled up pretty quickly!

I think the hardest part of the test for me was the prep.  Twelve hours of no eating or drinking before the test.  TWELVE!  These little girls were doing flips first thing in the morning because they were hungry.

Then you go into the testing facility and they do all the lovely paperwork and then they draw blood and also put a drop on the glucose meter strip.  My initial reading was 78, which is pretty low to me.  Then they give you a sugar drink.  It doesn't taste great, but at least it wasn't horrible.

Then they send you back out into the waiting room and you come back in one hour increments.  I was doing a two hour test, so they drew blood twice more after the initial draw.  

Normally I would have been walking up and down the hallway to keep myself moving, but I was not feeling well.  Without eating, I was feeling nauseous and that's never good.  Thankfully, I toughed it out for the whole test and my "prize" was the snack bar I had in my purse.  I ate that before I left and was feeling better by the time I got home.

I'll find out the results in a week and a half at my normal checkup.  I really hope I do not have gestational diabetes.  Regular diabetes runs in my family, so it makes me a little more anxious.

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