Thursday, February 20, 2014

In lieu of a bumpdate...

Here are just a few random tidbits on the latest shenanigans.

They seem to prefer proper posture.  If I dare to slouch, they take aim at my ribs, and boy are they getting stronger!

Daddy put his face by my belly and put his hands on each side.  He was really quiet... Then he said (in a normal voice) "boo!" and he felt the girls move back away from the sound.  For some reason, we couldn't stop laughing.

The other night, daddy fell asleep with his hand on my belly.  The baby that was underneath that hand valiantly attempted to move his hand by punching it.

At the latest doctor's appointment, as the doctor was looking for the heartbeat of one of the girls, she kicked the monitor the doctor was holding!  She hit it so hard that she pushed it away from my belly.  They really are getting stronger.

We found out why we can really feel the movements of Baby A and can't feel Baby B as much.  Turns out the placenta of Baby B is facing forward, so it's absorbing most of the kicking we would normally feel.  The rest of her kicks are being absorbed by whatever soft tissue she is kicking near my back.

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