Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Saving up!

Today we opened a savings account for George. We were already putting away money for the past couple weeks, but now we feel like it is worthwhile to have a joint savings account.

This way we can both put away money from each paycheck and by the time we meet George we will have a decent amount stowed away.  I'm sure we will end up using this little nest egg building up the nest for the egg. We will be able to furnish a good portion of the nursery by May!

Of course that doesn't include daily items like clothes and diapers. But we have no problem looking for some nursery stuff secondhand, either.

Of course this spirals into needing a house in which to have a nursery! Oh how these things add up so quickly.  But I'm still excited and not stressing over those pesky details quite yet.

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