Thursday, October 24, 2013

Starting to think about showers...

Since my life is both in Michigan and in Ohio, we've decided to do two showers so that we don't inconvenience too many people by making them travel too far. My sister has even agreed to help me with both of them!

We think we may have some good ideas on venues, but since both of our first-choice options are residences, we've realized that we need to write a guest list first so we don't have too many people in a single space. That, of course, gets me to thinking about who I want to share this with and my list seems so long! I want to share my excitement and joy and love with the whole world!

Part of me wants to hurry this whole thing up because I want to know if I should be looking for pink things or blue things. The rest of me wants to take my time and enjoy this experience. The first time only happens once, right?

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