Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Slowly sharing...

This past weekend, I shared the news with my little sister.  She has always been my confidante and it has been SO hard not to say anything.  But, it also felt wrong to tell her in any way that wasn't face-to-face...

So this weekend, I wandered to Ohio for a "girls weekend" which included a "sisters breakfast" at the local diner.  After we ordered our usual breakfast, I handed her something.  She unwrapped it to find a picture frame with "I <3 my aunt" written across the top.

She looked a bit less surprised than I thought she would, but she had reasoned it out, to a point.  She figured that if D and I had gotten engaged, I would be telling the whole world!  This was the next thing she could think of that I would want very few people to know about.

Although, I still threw her for a loop when I explained that she had to help me make a collage of the ultrasound pictures, because I couldn't pick a favorite child.  She never saw the twins coming, but none of us did!  :)

But now I can gush to my sister and we can pick out adorable baby stuff (with D's help, of course!)  She is also helping me figure out some baby registry stuff at Target.  I've missed being able to tell my sister everything.  And now she has to keep the secret, too!  It's just as hard for her as it has been for me.  

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