Saturday, November 23, 2013

Reality stinks

Yesterday our roommate let us know that he has another option for living arrangements. While I am excited at the prospect of having a room to use as a nursery, the added expense is a big reality check.
I am really hoping that work can get me a raise soon so that I can worry a little bit less. I know that I can't count on anything, but it would be great to be paid something close to what my coworkers make. This week I pulled off 70 hours, but that is working every day and I would much prefer not to make a habit of this.
I am also concerned about D in school. He has to worry about a full course load, working enough to pay his bills and the added stress of having twins on the way. He is already frustrated with one of his classes and I'm worried that he will let it get to the point that he can't recover in the class without asking for help.
Right now he is scheduled to graduate in May. The babies are due in May. Our lease is up in May. I'm trying to balance paying off credit cards and saving for the many impending costs in the near future.
Reality stinks!

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