Sunday, November 3, 2013

Worst cold ever!

So I have my semi-annual cold.  Yay me... And per doctor's orders I can't take anything more than Tylenol.  Ick.

It's also Dale's birthday celebration this weekend.  So since his best friend, Tom, had today off as well, we all hung out today.  I was feeling pretty pitiful, but decided to tough it out. 

I've tried to eat throughout this because my babies should not starve because I'm sick.  Though, this morning I got hit with a bad wave of nausea when I was taking my shower.  I realized then that I hadn't eaten for about 11 hours.  Whoops! 

 So I went for cereal, only to realize we were out of milk.  So I had some dry cereal.  No worries, we were going for food soon anyway, so I just needed something to tide me over.  When we met up with Tom we went out for a bite to eat.

I didn't even finish my little meal because my tummy started getting upset.  I've learned to listen, so I stopped eating.  On the way home (only a few miles) I started to REALLY not feel well.  So I tried to concentrate on anything except the nausea.  It didn't work.  I relived all of my breakfast in the back of Tom's Jeep.  :(

I was so upset and completely mortified!  The guys were very kind and helped clean it all up in the parking lot of the apartment while I went upstairs to clean up myself.  Thankfully, I had a spare pair of PJ pants in the back seat of one of the cars because I was NOT going to go up a flight of stairs like that.  Yes, I changed my pants in the parking lot.  It was the only option that I saw as reasonable.

Then I went upstairs and cleaned up myself as much as I could, then took a shower and curled up in a ball, only to realize that I was hungry again!  The last thing I wanted was food.

I had Dale all ready to go and get me some chicken noodle soup when I remembered we had crackers!  I had 5 crackers in the next few hours and was fine.  I toughed it out and tagged along to Dale's birthday dinner.  I only had about half the food I usually order, but eating it slow, my tummy worked with it (thankfully!)

But yeah, today I accomplished the single most embarrassing thing I have ever done.  I still feel horrible, but Tom was a good sport and helped me laugh it off.  I truly have some great friends and I love them all dearly.

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