Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Almost time to find out gender!

I'm so excited!  In less than two hours we will be at the doctor's office .  This is our gender reveal ultrasound!  I can't wait!

I'm hoping that with two of them, it will be easier to find out.  Only one has to be cooperative.  But, let's be honest, these are my kids, so they will both fight every step of the way.

Dale and I have both agreed that we would like a pair of boys.  It would be great for any possible future siblings to have protective big brothers.  Though, I'm a big sister and I was more formidable than my brother at protecting my baby sister, I can definitely see the advantage to imposing big brothers. 

Now, with that being said, since Dale and I agree on this and have been finding boy stuff that we like more readily than girl stuff, we are convinced that these will be adorable baby girls.  And using the old wives tales, the majority agree.  

Most importantly, the main indicator that my own mom had, is pointing toward girls.  She always said that when she was pregnant with my my sister and I she rarely had to shave her legs, but with my brother she had to shave pretty much every day.   It's been a week since I shaved and it's barely more than first day stubble.

I'll let you all know soon.  I have onesies in pink and in blue and I took pictures of each last night.  When we know the gender, I'll send the correctly colored picture to the lovely ladies who are in the loop.  I'll post it here after work. 

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