Thursday, December 26, 2013

Baby reveal round one!

Merry Christmas!  

For Christmas, Dale's family found out that there are two little ones on the way.  There was excitement all around.  It has been so hard to keep this secret, but so worth it to be able to tell everyone in the same day!

On Christmas morning Dale and I went over to his parents house to open gifts.  We started with stockings and then continued with the gifts Santa had put under the tree.  It was hard to concentrate on opening gifts when I knew what was coming, but we both seemed to pull it off.  We waited until we were done with Santa's gifts before giving out our gifts.

The reveal was twofold for his parents.  First, his mom opened an ornament.  On one side it read "Only great mother..." and on the reverse "...become Grand mothers."  When his mom opened that she was talking.  Then she stopped, re-read the ornament, her jaw dropped and her brain stopped.  Then her brain went into overdrive and she started exclaiming in excitement.

When that excitement was over, she opened a framed photo with a photo of each of the girls with a caption that read "Meet the newest Andersons!  Coming Spring 2014!"  Mom just about yelled "Twins?!?"  We both just nodded and laughed.  For the whole night she couldn't get over the twins part of the whole thing.  

In the evening, more family members started to wander in for Christmas dinner. For some of them it took a little time to figure it out, but everyone was so excited!  When the cousins came over Cort even started jumping up and down from all her excitement, lol!

Sadly, we couldn't tell everyone in person, so a few phone calls were made.  Dale's sister called shortly after mom opened her gifts, so mom handed the phone to Dale.  Dale led with "Merry Christmas, Stacy, or should I say, Merry Christmas Aunt Stacy!"  It took her a little bit to process that, so she pretty much flipped when Dale told her that her nieces would be here in the springtime and emphasized the plural of nieces.

Overall it was an amazing (and exhausting) day!  There was so much excitement and I was very relieved to see that the news was met with so much excitement and so little trepidation.  Honestly, I was a bit worried.  Now to conquer my family in a few more days.  I can't wait!

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