Sunday, December 29, 2013

Baby reveal, round two!

So today was Second Christmas and therefore the baby reveal to my family.  This morning before church we gave my parents their gift.  They opened the photo and my mommy was so very excited, and my dad took a minute, but he was quite happy, too.

Then we went to church and, as it turns out, it is the celebration of the holy family, so the whole thing was about family.  It worked out perfectly!  I spent the mass in the choir loft, where I fit best, and Dale joined me.

After mass we went home and made breakfast and waited for everyone to show up for Second Christmas.  As they slowly piled in, the framed picture sat in a rather unobtrusive spot in the living room.  We were just waiting for one of the new visitors to notice the picture and say something and nobody did!  Of course this was killing my sister, niece and I, but my mom kept telling us to be patient.

Finally mom got fed up, grabbed the picture mumbling about how none of her family is observant, and handed the picture to my sister, Shelly.  She then ordered Lori to look at it too.  They checked it out for a second and then Shelly asked "who are the Andersons?"  Someone answered " Dale."  Then the pieces clicked and they both got huge smiles!

They had to pass out congratulatory hugs and all their excitement.  They are all so very excited for me!  We got to tell a majority of the family this weekend.  With only one exception, everyone was immediately excited and happy for us.  The exception is pretty set in old-fashioned ways, but slowly coming around to see the happiness.   

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