Sunday, December 29, 2013

Weekend visiting in Ohio

This weekend, I got to visit with a few people before doing the full reveal for Second Christmas.

I visited with Jessey and told her that I'd be catching up to her two girls in one shot.  She was so very happy (and a little concerned for my sanity in the near future) but it was so much fun to share with her.  She also sent me away with a full bag of little girl clothes and a promise that we could have Cayla's bed the next time we stop in to visit.

We stopped in to see my sister Jodi.  She was quietly excited, but also in the middle of some birthday celebrations for her little boy who just turned thirteen!  Sadly, we couldn't stay too long due to allergies to the doggies in the house, but it was still so great to see her!

We even told a family member at dinner!  We went out to my cousin's work to visit.  She lives kinda far away, so it was cool to see her.  And her fiancee even came up to grab a bite before he had to work, so I got to visit both of them!  Of course, with their wedding scheduled just weeks after my due date, I felt it would be helpful to warn them there might be some crying children in the back...  I also made sure to point out that my sister will be picking out the most adorable dresses for the wedding.

I was overwhelmed with all of the excitement for my little munchkins.  They will always be surrounded by love.  That is all a mommy could ever hope or dream to have for their little ones.  

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