Monday, March 17, 2014

Beware the Ides of March

Warning, this is a long post and it hasn't gone through much editing.  ;)

Saturday was the Ides of March (March 15th) and, for some reason I like to at least note the Ides of March.  Mostly because it starts with "beware" I think.  I am just strange like that, I guess.

Well, The plan for the day was for Dale and I to meet my up with my sister for dinner that evening and we would pretty much trade off and I'd go back to my parents' house in Ohio to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  St. Patrick's Day has always been a huge affair in my family and grandma goes all out for the party.  It's always a great time but I haven't been able to enjoy it quite as much since moving to Michigan.  But, as per usual, I didn't really spread the word that I was planning on going to Ohio for the party.  Plans weren't really all that solid and it's more fun to surprise people that I was able to come rather than getting their hopes up and then not being able to be there.

Well, as it turns out, God decided to belly-laugh at my 'plans' again.  After dropping Dale off at work that morning, I decided to stop at the store and grab a gallon of milk.  I had just finished off the last gallon and thought it would be good for him to have milk while I was gone for a couple days.  Well, before heading into the store, I had to grab something off the floor of the car.  Isn't it great to be twice as huge, which translates to half as mobile, but also twice as klutzy and always dropping things?!

But, anyway, when I went to reach down, my water broke!  Thankfully, I had already opened the car door because I jumped out of the car in search of something to protect the seat from my wet bum!  (I have the strangest priorities, huh?)  I finally found something and set it on the seat and called the doctor's office.  Well the on call physician was my usual doctor, so I was told she would call me right back.

At that point, I abandoned all hope of milk and drove home.  Don't worry, it was just a couple miles... :)  Since I really only wanted to ask my doc if I needed to go to the hospital for water breaking or if I needed to wait until contractions started.  Since my doc hadn't called back before i got home, I called mommy.

Mommy hadn't had her coffee yet, but I counteracted that need for caffeine when I asked her about my water breaking.  She did tell me that when her water broke with me she didn't go in right away.  She suggested that I hop in the shower and change before going straight to the hospital.  I did just that!  When my doc called back she wanted me to go straight to the hospital and she was going to call ahead and let them know to expect me.

At that point, I called Dale (while finishing packing my 'go bag') and told him that I was heading to the hospital, but I didn't think it was anything huge.  Of course, he was out picking up breakfast for the guys at work and was waiting on the eggs to be done.  He later told me that it was the longest five-to-seven minutes that he ever waited in his life!

Thankfully, we had done the hospital tour of the maternity area about a week prior, so I knew exactly where to go when I got to the hospital.  Though, there is something uncool about looking for a parking spot in the garage after your water broke!  (In the hospital's defense, there is also valet, but I didn't want to pay $4 because I'm cheap, lol!)

But when I got to the hospital, I pretty much went right into Triage.  I giggled at the sign at the entrance to my Triage room that read "Wet Floor" since I was there after my water broke.  It doesn't take much to amuse me most days.  They checked everything out and got me prepped to get a room.  Dale and his parents met me in Triage and we all went to my new room.

When I got into the room, they hooked me up to all sorts of stuff.  I ended up with wires everywhere!  They also put me on a couple medicines to help the girls in case they did come out to visit.  Let me see if I can get these all straight... 
  • Magnesium to strengthen their nervous system and the added bonus of minimizing any contractions I may have.  Unfortunately it also put me on bed rest, a clear liquid diet, and made me feel like a zombie on fire.  My body temperature felt SO high and I couldn't move very well.  That was a 24 hour course of medicine.
  • Steroids to improve the girls' lungs function.  This was two shots across two days administered in my booty.  Lovely.
  • Antibiotics to avoid infection.
  • IV fluids to keep me hydrated.  Hey, why not, the lines are already run for the magnesium, so why not just throw IV fluids in there, too?  ;)
After getting all settled in my room, I finally felt like I could start telling people about what happened.  I didn't want to say anything until I was certain what the plans were.  It just about killed me, but at least I was kept busy in the meantime.  

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful, thankfully.  So that my Saturday.  Hopefully everyone else had a lot less excitement than I did!  My girls just didn't want to go on a road trip. 



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