Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St. Patrick's Day!

And I'm back to feeling like a normal human being!

I still have the IV hookup in my hand, but other than that I am back to full-human status.  I got to take a shower as well as wear normal clothes.  I'm in jammies, but it is still SO much better than that horrible hospital gown.  I'm even wearing green today!  I have my green shirt and green, white and orange socks!  

I've gotten a few phone calls checking up on me today and it's great to hear from everyone.  Even grandma called to thank me for the flowers that my sister and I sent for the holiday.  She even told me that she put them on the table in front of *her* chair in the living room so she can always see them when she's sitting down.  I love that something as simple as sending her flowers makes her so happy.

This has by far been the least exciting St. Patrick's Day I ever remember, but I got to live vicariously through my friends and family.  I had a few people drinking for me since I can't have my own at this point.  See?  Aren't they so thoughtful?  

Anyway, I had a visit from one of the doctors that may be delivering the girls.  There is a plan for all of the possible delivering doctors to come visit at some point so that I don't have a stranger down there when this all happens.  

This doctor was trying to get stuff set up for me to have a few more consultations and an actual ultrasound this week.  So in the next day or two I will have consults with the high-rick doctor and another meeting with the lactation consultant.  I actually already spoke to the lactation consultant on Saturday, but didn't realize exactly how loopy I already was from the medicine.

We have an ultrasound set up for Wednesday to do a thorough checkup on the girls, as well.  We hope to get their measurements to see how big they are as well as simply get to see them.  We are hoping that they are already big enough to come out in the world, just in case, but still hope they stay inside.  I'm also curious to see how much 'water' has been replaced already since the little tantrum that sent us here.  

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day and got home safe and sound. 

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