Friday, March 21, 2014

Dreary Wednesday

It's such a dreary day outside, but I hear it's at least a bit warm out.  It's definitely a day for comfort food!

Today I got my IV taken out entirely.  No needle or anything sticking in me. That meant I was able to take an entirely normal shower!  Oh, it's the little things in life that make me happy at this point.

And the doctors have cleared me to be allowed to walk down the halls, as well.  I am no longer confined to my room.  (Boy that pacing got boring very quickly.)  So I am able to wander a bit further, so I don't feel quite as cooped up.

I have also been able to start writing out return addresses on envelopes for the thank you notes for my baby showers.  We even received a couple shower gifts already!  A couple were mailed to Dale's parents' house, so his parents brought them up for us to open.  That means I even got to write out some actual thank you notes!  The girls' library is off to a strong start, I must say.  

We also got a new visitor today. Uncle Jim stopped in to say hi and check up on us. We all just sat around and chatted for a while as I sipped on the  shamrock shake he brought me. :) It was definitely nice to see a different person. 

Fifi and I also got to test out Skype last night. It worked! We just have to get it set up on mommy's laptop and we should be all set for the shower. The girls are going to have a table set up with the laptop throughout the shower so anyone can stop by to say hi and it's not a mad rush of people all at once crowding around a little screen. They are so smart!

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