Friday, March 7, 2014

New deadline...

At our last appointment the doctor kinda threw us for a loop.  She told us that they don't like to let twins go past 38 weeks.  That pushes our "due date" up to the beginning of May.  It's a bit crazy to think that there is a chance of inducing these munchkins.  

It's causing a bit more anxiety, but I'm trying not to stress about it.  I know that they will come when they are ready, but I never had the concern about having to induce previously.  Plus there is now a slightly higher chance of them sharing my birthday.  Not that we would schedule it on my birthday, but it feels more likely with the timeline being moved up.

But, in better news, I've rescheduled our birthing class so we will actually be able to attend!  I swear, I cannot be trusted with scheduling.  Lately my brain has been everywhere except where I need it to be.

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