Saturday, March 22, 2014

Shower Saturday

Today was my Ohio baby shower.  Alas, my little munchkins made it impossible for me to physically attend, so we did a Skype session.  My niece and I established a Skype connection and I got passed around to all of the guests.  I was so happy to get to chat to everyone who was able to come!

Of course, there were a couple who ate right in front of me and explained the food (must be a family tradition) but that just made me send Dale out to pick up lunch.  I also got a bunch of pictures via text of the setup.  It was all rubber duckies and it was so adorable!  Each table had at least one princess duckie.  

There was also a gift-wrapping station set up.  Each of the guests was instructed to not wrap their gifts before the shower.  They could then ooh and aah over the gifts before wrapping them and sending them off to me.  At the end of the shower I was texted a picture of the beautifully wrapped gifts.  They will be delivered to me next weekend when my entourage journeys north to Michigan.

I was so happy and excited to see everyone today and show off my belly, even though it was over the internet.  Thank goodness for technology!  Oh, and any time someone wanted to see my belly, I had to tilt the camera and take about three steps away from the computer in order to fit my entire belly in the frame.  Yeah, I'm that huge.  Hopefully soon I will find a way to upload a picture to the blog.

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