Friday, March 21, 2014

Overcast Thursday

It was another overcast day, but yet another good day for the girls.  Their heart rates were a little high, but they were properly reactive, so nothing to worry about.  

Our next two ultrasounds are scheduled with the hospital.  Next Monday and the following Tuesday we are scheduled to see our little girls again.  Sadly, Dale will be working during the one on Monday, but I'll be sure to be in awe enough for both of us.  I'm curious to see how much they will have grown in a week!  I'd love for both munchkins to be over 4 pounds so that I can worry about them a little less than I do.

Also, we had a visit from an instructor in the Education Department of the hospital.  She brought a lot of information about the hospital's services, having babies and even the reading material for the birthing class we will be missing.  We were all signed up for a birthing class next Sunday.  Alas, we will not be able to attend since I've been admitted to the hospital.  But she brought me all of the class material and gave me the number I needed to call to cancel the class.  She will also be back to visit again next week in case I have questions.  

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