Saturday, March 22, 2014

Finally Friday

It is the day of the nurses!  There have been a number of nurses helping out today.  Of course the girls were troublesome during their NST, so we ended up on the monitors for about an hour total.  Their numbers were great, they just didn't stay under the monitors for a long enough stretch for the doctors to get a baseline.  

The sunny side of this is that during the test I called my mommy and told her to listen as I held the phone up to the speakers.  She was able to listen to the heartbeats of her grandbabies!  Of course, she was very excited to hear them.  And the girls were being good and the speaker was up loud, so she really got to listen to their strong little heartbeats. I'm so happy that my mom was able to listen in to them.  She isn't able to be here in person right now and I feel like she has missed out on a lot of the things that Dale's mom has gotten to do.  

It's not that I need my mommy here with me, but I do wish she was able to experience more of this journey.  My mommy will be here in another week and I can't wait!  I wish our teleporter worked and it didn't take three hours to get from there to here.  Sadly, we haven't gotten to that point yet. 

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